Automatic Technology is a world leader in remote access systems for automated garage doors and gates.

Automatic Technology (ATA) is a global technology leader in remote access systems for garage doors and gates. An Australian owned company, we take pride in our continuous improvement approach to providing innovative and reliable security access control systems that are recognized worldwide. 

Our design philosophy is SMART-SIMPLE-SECURE, which means that we use in-house designed SMART technologies to deliver outstanding reliability, while making our products SIMPLE to operate and providing SECURE access with encryption codes of the highest standard.

Our world-class engineering team has been designing and releasing innovative access control technologies for over 25 years. As a result, our products have been adopted throughout the globe including North America, Europe, Asia, Canada, the Middle East and South Africa.

When you choose an Automatic Technology, you can expect quality and reliability that won't break the budget. Our commitment to SMART-SIMPLE-SECURE technology ensures that our products meet the highest standards of performance, while remaining easy to use and cost-effective.

Some of our many innovations include:

  • Trio-Code encryption technology - the world's first interference free transmitter system in 2007.
  • Tri-Code 128 encryption technology – Released in 2012, Trio Code 128 is our most reliable and secure garage door transmitter system ever. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) featured a staggering 309 Trillion, Trillion code combinations to protect against increasingly sophisticated code grabbing devices used by criminals to interfere with remote control systems.
  • Axess Pro Series 3000 Industrial Shutter Opener – Released in 2011, Axess 3000 introduced universal operation to allow it to be mounted either on the left or right hand side without any modifications needed, addressing a key issue for the roller shutter industry.
  • Easy coding door remotes – Traditionally homeowners have needed to code in new remote Garage Door Remotes via buttons on the opener itself. As the opener is usually mounted on or close to the ceiling, this required a ladder. To minimise the hassle and improve safety we developed technology that allowed the home owner to code in additional remote Garage Door Remotes from their existing transmitter, removing the need to touch the opener itself.
  • Wireless Safety Beams – Developed to protect your family, possessions and car, safety beams allow the garage door to stop and reverse as soon as an object or person moves through the invisible beam, averting damage or even injury. The wireless design also allows for easy, hassle free installation.

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