Sliding Gate Openers

Installing a sliding gate opener on your property makes coming and going a breeze. With just the touch of a button (or even a tap of your smartphone) you can easily open and close your gate, regardless of bad weather, when you're in a rush or it's late at night. It improves the security of your home or business by providing a secure barrier and reducing the amount of time that gates are left open. With additional security upgrades like keypads, cameras and safety beams Automatic Technology sliding gate openers are the perfect blend of safety, style and convenience.

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Swing Gate Openers

Swing Gate openers are made specifically to power this popular garage door type. Rolling doors are smooth and quiet to operate when combined with a quality automatic opener and do not require mounting to the ceiling.

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It’s never too late to automate


Automatic Technology sliding gate openers can easily be retrofitted on most swing and sliding gate brands so you can rest assured we have the right opener for your residential or commercial property.


Adding a sliding gate motor to your home or business drastically improves the convenience of coming and going. It also increases the safety and security of your property. 


Automatic Technology sliding gate openers are stress tested to ensure they continue to quickly and quietly open and close your property’s sliding gate for many years to come.

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