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Safety Security

Safety & Security

Profiles your gate for additional safety Gates are often a high frequency part of the household and every gate is different to the next. That’s why Automatic Technology gate openers determine the power necessary for operating your specific sliding gate during setup and continuously recalibrate this power requirement to ensure smooth operation for the lifetime of the opener.


Soft start & stop technology – The NeoSlider slows down at the beginning and end of each cycle to lower the pressure on both the gate and the motor. This helps to extend the durability of the motor and leads to a quieter performance.


Built tough to last

Powerful DC Motor – The NeoSlider motor is both fast and powerful, able to lift gates as heavy as 800kg. 


Weather Resistant – The unit is sealed to prevent damage from water, wind and dust for installations where the opener is exposed to the elements.

Light Bulb

Clever Operation

Auto-Closing Feature – Never worry again about whether you’ve left the gate open. The NeoSlider can be automatically programmed to close after a certain number of minutes giving you total peace of mind.


Vacation Mode – The NeoSlider can be programmed to completely lockout all other gate openers except for your master remote, ensuring no one can access your home while you’re off on holiday.


Smart Alerts

Service Reminder - Automatic Technology openers are equipped with an audio and visual alert system that notifies when they require servicing. Regular maintenance is essential to maintaining the performance of your gate opener. 


Control Multiple Devices – From garage doors to gates, alarm systems to lights. With Automatic Technology you can control multiple devices from the one remote.

Recommended safety upgrades

Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Neatly located inside the top cover, these batteries ensure you can securely enter and exit your property even during extreme weather events or a blackout. The best bit is that when the power comes back on, they automatically recharge themselves!

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Ata Wireless Digital Keypad Open

Entry Keypad

Great for school kids and active families, this weatherproof entry keypad allows visitors to pop in a code and enter your property securely without the need for a remote transmitter.

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Automatic Technology Wireless Safety Beams 01

Safety Beams

Automatic Technology’s safety beams help you keep your family, pets and property safe. As the gate is closing if the beams sense something is obstructing them they immediately stop and reverse the opening action.

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