NeoSlider Gate Opener


Automatic Technology’s premium sliding gate opener.

The Automatic Technology opener range features the NeoSlider 500 and NeoSlider 800. These two openers feature powerful motors with an increased gate opening weight capacity and will operate most residential sliding gates.

NeoSlider Gate Opener

Why automate with Automatic Technology?

It's essential to choose the right sliding gate opener for your needs. Size of the gate, frequency of use and exposure to the elements all play a part. That’s where we come in. Automating your sliding gate is quick and easy with Automatic Technology. Our products are simple to install and will reliably stand the test of time.

What sets Automatic Technology sliding gate openers apart?


Automatic Technology Powerful Y

Powerful technology

A powerful drive unit that reliably moves gates up to 800kg. Clever features like the soft Stop and Start functionality reduce strain on the motor and ensure that the opener will stand the test of time.

It’s never too late to automate


Automatic Technology sliding gate openers can easily be retrofitted on all commercial or industrial sliding gate brands so you can rest assured we have the right opener for your residential or commercial property.


Adding a sliding gate motor to your home or business drastically improves the convenience of coming and going. It also increases the safety and security of your property. 


Automatic Technology sliding gate openers are stress tested to ensure they continue to quickly and quietly open and close your property’s sliding gate for many years to come.

Need some help?

Not sure which product will best suit your sliding gate? Give us a call on 1300 133 944 and we can help answer your questions.