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Safety & Security

Secure lockout system Safeguard your property with the Elite Gate opener's secure lockout system. Unauthorised manual operation of the gate is prevented through disengagement systems that are secured by keyed locks.


Soft start & stop technology Prioritising safety and longevity, the Elite Gate opener incorporates soft start and stop technology. This feature slows down the gate's movement at the beginning and end of each cycle, reducing pressure on both the gate and the motor. This not only extends the motor's durability but also ensures a quieter performance.


Built tough to last

Powerful DC Motor – Experience the exceptional power and speed of the Elite motor. Capable of effortlessly lifting gates weighing up to 300kg, this motor delivers impressive performance for a wide range of gate sizes.


Weather Resistant – Designed to withstand various weather conditions, the Elite Gate opener is built tough and sealed to protect against water, wind, and dust. This robust construction ensures reliable operation even when the opener is exposed to the elements, offering peace of mind and long-lasting performance.

Recommended upgrades

DCB 05 No Lid

DCB05 Gate Controller

Perfectly designed to complement our Elite Gate Opener, this advanced system offers a user-friendly LCD menu system, an array of operating modes and inputs/outputs and interfaces with intercoms and loop detectors.

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