Technical Specifications
DCB-05 Gate Control System
SGO-1v4 Elite
Input/Motor Voltage
Transformer Rating
(150VA available)
N/A (see DCB-05)
Standby Power
N/A (see DCB-05)
Weather-Resistance Rating
Maximum Opening (per leaf)
N/A (see SGO-1v3)
Maximum Gate Weight (per leaf)
N/A (see SGO-1v3)
Peak Driving Force (per gate leaf)
N/A (see SGO-1v3)
Maximum Travel Speed
N/A (see SGO-1v3)
Duty Cycle
N/A (see SGO-1v3)
Receiver Storage Capacity
30 x 4 button Transmitters
30 x 4 button Transmitters
30 x 4 button Transmitters
N/A (see DCB-05)
Receiver/Transmitter type
N/A (see DCB-05)
Coding type
Code hopping (Non-linear encryption algorithm)
N/A (see DCB-05)
No. of Code Combinations
N/A (see DCB-05)

Key Features

Safety Security

Safety & Security

Gate profiling for enhanced safety Automatic Technology understands that each gate is unique. That's why our DCB-05 Gate Control System profiles your gate during setup, determining the precise power required for smooth and efficient operation throughout its lifetime. This continual recalibration ensures optimal performance and added safety for your sliding gate.


Soft start & stop technology – With the DCB-05 Gate Control System, enjoy the benefits of soft start and stop technology which gradually reduces speed at the beginning and end of each cycle, reducing pressure on the gate and motor. This not only extends the motor's durability but also provides ongoing, quieter operation.


Clever Operating Modes

Auto-Closing Feature – Say goodbye to worrying about leaving your gate open. The DCB-05 Gate Control System can be conveniently programmed to automatically close after a specified number of minutes, granting you complete peace of mind.


Vacation Mode – Heading off on a holiday? Activate the Vacation Mode on the DCB-05 Gate Control System to restrict access to your home while you’re away. This intelligent feature locks out all other gate openers, allowing access only your master remote, ensuring unparalleled security while you're away.


Smart Alerts

Service Reminder - Automatic Technology’s DCB-05 Gate Control System includes an integrated audio and visual alert system, reminding you when it's due for servicing. Regular maintenance is vital for preserving the performance and longevity of your gate opener.


Control Multiple Devices – Experience the convenience of controlling multiple devices with a single remote. Whether it's garage doors, gates, alarm systems, or lights, the Automatic Technology enables you to effortlessly manage them all from one centralised remote control.

Recommended safety upgrades

Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Nested inside the top cover, these batteries offer a secure solution for accessing your property, even in the most challenging weather conditions or during power outages. Then, when the power supply is restored, these batteries effortlessly recharge themselves, guaranteeing uninterrupted functionality without requiring any manual intervention.

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Ata Gate Solar Panel 01

Smart Solar

Unlock new possibilities by integrating the optional SmartSolar Ready kit. This cutting-edge add-on empowers you with the flexibility to install your gate opener in unpowered locations or opt for an environmentally friendly operation. Experience the freedom of harnessing solar energy, reducing your carbon footprint, and embracing a greener future in gate automation.

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