Why automate with Automatic Technology?

Choosing the right commercial door motor is crucial for your businesses needs and budget. At Automatic Technology, we can help you find the perfect door to fit your requirements. Automating your commercial or industrial door can make entering and exiting your business more convenient, while also enhancing the security of your property and ensuring the safety of your employees.

What sets Automatic Technology commercial door operators apart?

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Superior protection

Automatic Technology commercial door operators ensure the safety of your employees and premises.

It’s never too late to automate


Automatic Technology door operators can be easily retrofitted on all major brands, giving you peace of mind that we have the right solution for your specific needs. In addition to convenience, installing a sectional door motor can significantly enhance the safety and security of your business.


With Automatic Technology operators, you can rely on built-in safety features that ensure safe operation and protection from intruders. Our operators are equipped with stress-tested technology, allowing them to open and close quickly and quietly for many years to come.


At Automatic Technology, we're committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet the needs of our customers. By choosing our door motors, you can enjoy the added convenience, safety, and reliability of automatic door operation, all backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Need some help?

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