Which opener is right for me?

Automatic Technology Us Easyroller 01

Looking to automate your carport or self-storage space?

The Automatic Technology EasyRoller operator is an incredibly popular choice amongst homeowners as it will operate the vast majority of rolling doors with ease. Secure, reliable and smart, these operators are a great option for everyday home access.

EasyRoller14 Opener
Automatic Technology Gdo 8 Shed Master Opener

Looking to automate your shed, boatshed or motorhome storage?

The Automatic Technology Shedmaster rolling door operator is perfect for exposed areas such as sheds and boatsheds and features a specially designed, weather-resistant housing to protect it from the elements.

Shed Master Opener
Automatic Technology Us Hiro 01

Need an operator with in-built smartphone capability?

If you need to operate a very large rolling sheet door, a wind-locked door, or have a site with very skinny/low sideroom requirements, then the Automatic Technology Hiro operator is the ideal choice. The built-in smart phone transciever makes automated control even easier.

Hiro Opener

Why automate with Automatic Technology?

Automating your rolling door makes entering and exiting your home a breeze. However, there’s plenty of benefits beyond convenience. Automating your rolling sheet door on your home carport or shed can also make it safer and more secure.

What sets Automatic Technology rolling door operators apart?

Automatic Technology Safety Icon Y

Help protect your family

Automatic Technology rolling door operators allow you to keep safe when entering and exiting your home late at night or in the middle of a storm.

It’s never too late to automate


Automatic Technology operators can easily be retrofitted on all garage door brands so you can rest assured we have the right operator for your garage door.


Adding a rolling door motor to your garage door drastically improves the convenience of entering and exiting your garage, it also increases the safety and security of your home.


They’re also reliable, with Automatic Technology rolling door operators stress tested to ensure they continue to quickly and quietly open and close your garage door for many years.


Need some help?

Not sure which product will best suit your roller door? Give us a call on 1-800-934-9892 and we can help answer your questions.