Key Features

Safety Security

Superior Safety & Security

Intelligent safety system (ISS) The Hiro opener offers a reliable and safe way to operate your door. It comes with an inbuilt safety feature that automatically stops and reverses the door if it senses any obstruction while closing, which significantly reduces the risk of damage or injury.


Soft start & stop technologyThe Hiro opener is an excellent choice if you want to protect your door and enjoy a quieter operation. By reducing the speed at the beginning and end of each cycle, it helps to minimise the stress placed on both the door and the opener, ensuring a longer lifespan for your door.


Slim but Powerful Motor

Powerful but quiet DC motor - DC motors offer a power output that is equivalent to AC motors while generating less noise and vibration. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want a smoother and more peaceful operation.


Slim fit design – The Hiro openers slim fit design makes it an ideal solution for applications where there is limited side room. It can operate with as little as 40mm between the door curtain and inside of the bracket and can be installed both on the left or right hand side making it incredibly versatile.

Light Bulb

Clever Operating Modes

Vacation Mode - Vacation Mode ensures that if you’re away from your premises your door cannot be operated until you return. Responding to only one, master transmitter and locking out all others ensures that no one else can come and go while you’re away.


Ultra-bright LED Lights - High efficiency LEDs provide a whiter and brighter light to illuminate your garage. Featuring a dimming function, the Hiro opener can be programmed to stay on for differing lengths of time, making it easier for you to come and go no matter the time of day.


Automated Smart Alerts

Service Reminder - Your garage opener, much like a car, requires regular servicing to maintain its performance and warranty. The Automatic Technology Hiro opener is designed to make this easier by providing audio and visual reminders when a service is due.


Control Multiple Devices – Enjoy the ultimate convenience of controlling multiple garage doors, gates, and alarm systems with a single remote control. With this feature, you can easily operate your home, commercial premises, and family member's garage door from the comfort of one remote control.

Recommended safety upgrades

Automatic Technology Smart Phone Control Kit

Smartphone Control Hub

Control and monitor your garage door or gate from your smart phone. Receive push notifications about your doors status so you never need to worry about whether you closed it when you left. The user settings are customisable so you can view past activities, set different opening modes and more, all within the Automatic Technology app.

Smartphone Control Kit
Battery Backup

Battery Backup

With our reliable and intelligent backup power system, businesses with rolling sheet doors can have peace of mind knowing that security and convenience are always maintained. This system seamlessly transitions to its backup power source in the event of a primary power outage, ensuring continuous functionality of your garage door or gate. Once power is restored, the system automatically recharges itself, ensuring it is ready for any future power interruptions.

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