Wall Controller Options (Sold Seperately)

  • Lockable Control Box
  • Logic Control Unit
  • Logic Console
  • Manual Console

Key Features

Safety Security

Superior Safety & Security

Profiles your door for additional safety - During the setup process, the required amount of power needed to lift and lower your specific door is determined. The opener then continuously adjusts to facilitate the most efficient operation of the door.


Soft start & stop technology By reducing speed during the beginning and end of each cycle, it is possible to decrease the amount of stress put on both the door and the opener. This can lead to a longer lifespan and quieter operation.


Fast, Strong, Powerful Motor

3 Phase Motor - These 240V units require only a standard power point for installation, but deliver the power, reliability and speed control of a 3-phase through a custom designed inverter.

Light Bulb

Clever Operating Modes

Auto-Closing Feature - Auto-Close provides peace of mind and enhances the security of your property by closing the gate automatically upon entering or exiting (safety beams required).


Opener Time Clock - A 24/7-time clock allows the opener to be configured to operate in different modes depending on the time of day or day of the week. For example, the entire system can be completely locked out over the weekend while the business is closed, ensuring total perimeter security.



Automated Smart Alerts

Service Reminder - Similar to a car, your garage opener necessitates regular servicing to preserve its performance and warranty. The Automatic Technology openers provide an audio and visual alert when they require servicing, even your car can’t do that!


Control Multiple Devices – Manage multiple garage doors, gates, and alarm systems using a solitary remote control. This functionality allows you to effortlessly operate garage doors for your home, commercial property, and even your family members' homes from the comfort of a single remote control.

Recommended safety upgrades


Lockable Control Box

The optional lockable control box mounts the logic or manual console within a sturdy enclosure. The enclosure features separate Open, Close and Emergency Stop buttons for total door control. The Open and Close buttons can be enabled and disabled by the keyed lockout with positions for Auto, Manual and Off operation.

ATA Premium Remotes

Remote Transmitter

These four-button remotes boast a fresh new look and is available in grey or black. Featuring patented Triocode128 technology, these new remotes deliver secure and reliable property access. NOTE: Lockable Control Box required for remotes.

Premium Door Remotes
Automatic Technology Wireless Safety Beams 01

Safety Beams

Our wireless Safety Beams ensure that whenever an object disrupts the infra-red beam, the door halts and reverses to prevent any significant damage from taking place. They are also simple to install.

Wireless Safety Beams




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User Manual


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