What products are in the range?

Automatic Technology Wireless Safety Beams 01

Safety Beams

Our wired and wireless safety beams allow you to protect your family, pets and possessions. As soon as an object breaks the infra-red beam, the door will stop and reverse to avert serious damage occurring.

ATA Loop Detectors

Loop Detectors

An inductive loop detector senses when its magnetic field is disrupted by a vehicle and activates the door or gate. The loop detector is suitable in situations where a trigger is required for entry/exit without the need for security authorisation.

Key Release

Key Release

A key release allows you to access your garage door by inserting and turning a key, which then electrically signals your opener to operate. It’s also great if you lose power to your garage as it will still work by allowing you to access a manual disengage cord for your opener so you can still enter and exit easily.

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Ata Gate Solar Panel 01

Smart Solar

The SmartSolar system makes it easy to automate gates and garage doors on unpowered sites, and provides the option for eco-friendly automation if desired. It is compatible with most Automatic Technology residential openers.

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Ata Rechargeable Battery 02

Battery Backup

In the event of power failure, you can rely on your garage door or gate opener to provide the security and convenience you rely upon. This smart system switches over automatically when power is lost, and recharges automatically when mains power returns.

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Why automate with Automatic Technology?

Automating your roller door not only adds convenience to your daily life but also enhances the safety and security of your home. With Automatic Technology roller door openers, you can enjoy a range of benefits that go beyond just ease of use.


Automatic Technology Safety Icon Y

Ensure the safety of your family

When entering or exiting your home, especially during late hours or inclement weather, Automatic Technology roller door openers provide an added layer of security for your family.

Need some help?

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