Key Features

Safety Security

Superior Safety & Security

Intelligent safety system (ISS)

If contact is made with an obstruction while the door is closing, the opener will automatically stop and reverse, reducing the risk of damage to property or worse, harm to a person.


Soft start & stop technology

Reducing speed at the start and end of each cycle reduces stress on the door and opener, ensuring a longer life and quieter operation.


Slim-Fit, Fast & Powerful Motor

Powerful and quiet DC motor

DC motors deliver as much power as old-style AC motors but with less noise and vibration.


Slim-Fit for Tricky Applications

Suitable for applications where side room is limited, Slim Fit requires as little as 40mm between the door curtain and inside of the bracket. It also includes an LED courtesy light. 

Light Bulb

Clever Operating Modes

Ventilation Mode

Allows you to set a limited opening height for your door, ideal for airing your premises on hot, summer days.


Vacation Mode

Lock your home up nice and tight while you’re on holidays. Locking out all but one master remote, Vacation Mode ensures your garage door cannot be operated until you return.


Keep Your Property Safe

Service Reminder

Like a car, your garage opener requires periodic servicing to maintain its performance and warranty. Automatic Technology openers give you an audio and visual reminder when they’re ready for a service. Even your car isn’t that smart!


Secure Lockout System

Control multiple garage doors, gates and alarm systems all from the one handy remote control. Operate your home, holiday house and family members garage door, all from the convenience of one remote control.

Recommended safety upgrades

Automatic Technology Wireless Safety Beams 01

Safety Beams

Automatic Technology safety beams are our very own innovative technology that send an infra-red beam across the garage door opening. If the beams path is broken or obstructed the garage door will automatically stop and reverse, preventing damage to property or injury to people. If you have young children, pets or valuable belongings this product is a must.

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Ata Gate Solar Panel 01

Smart Solar

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint and save some money on your electricity bill? AUTOMATIC TECHNOLOGY’s Smart Solar system allows your garage door or gate opener to be powered using the sun’s energy. The systems efficient design requires only a single solar panel per opener and incorporates a backup battery system so your opener works even when the sun isn’t shining like at night or during bad weather.

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Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Never worry about being locked in or out of your garage ever again with Automatic Technology battery backup. In the event of a power outage, flood, fire or other emergency the Automatic Technology battery backup switches over automatically, meaning you can rely on your door to still provide security and automation, without the need for electricity.

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