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Safety Security

Safety & Security

Intelligent safety system (ISS) The Toro opener has an inbuilt safety feature that automatically stops and reverses the door if it comes in contact with an obstruction while closing. This reduces the chances of damage to property or injury to individuals.


Soft start & stop technologyTo ensure a longer lifespan of the door and quieter operation, the Toro opener reduces the speed at the start and end of each cycle, reducing the amount of stress placed on the door and opener.


Fast & Powerful Motor

Powerful but quiet DC motor - DC motors provide comparable power output to AC motors while generating less noise and vibration, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a more peaceful and smooth operation.


Improved ongoing performance - Commercial doors are all unique and require varying amounts of force during each open and close cycle. During setup, the power needed for your specific door is learned and continually re-profiled to ensure optimal performance. This feature helps the intelligent safety system function more effectively.

Light Bulb

Clever Operation

Automatic Closing - Auto-Close ensures peace of mind and keeps your property secure by automatically closing the door upon entering or exiting the property without you ever needing to press a button (safety beams required).


Opener Time Clock - A 24/7-time clock allows the opener to be configured to operate in different modes depending on the time of day or day of the week. For example, the entire system can be completely locked out over the weekend while the business is closed, ensuring total perimeter security.


Smart Alerts

Service Reminder - To maintain its performance and warranty, your garage opener needs regular servicing, much like a car. The Automatic Technology Toro opener is intelligent enough to provide audio and visual reminders when it is due for a service.


Control Multiple Devices – Enjoy the convenience of controlling multiple garage doors, gates, and alarm systems with just one remote control. Operate your home, holiday house, and family member's garage door with ease, all from the convenience of one remote control.

Recommended safety upgrades

Automatic Technology Kpx 7 Wireless Digital Keypad 02

Wireless Keypad

Say goodbye to lost keys with this smart weatherproof access device. This device provides exceptional flexibility when entering a commercial property. Its TrioCode128 coding format ensures unparalleled security and continuous operation. Furthermore, the device features a backlit display, making it perfect for night-time use.

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Ata Gate Solar Panel 01

Smart Solar

Save money and minimise your carbon footprint with Automatic Technology's Smart Solar system. Powered by the sun's energy, the system requires just one solar panel per opener, ensuring your garage door or gate opener works efficiently, regardless of the weather or time of day.

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