Which opener is right for me?

Automatic Technology Syncro Ats 3 Opener 01

In-built smartphone automation

Syncro takes the convenience of automation a step further. You can monitor, control, and schedule access to your garage, anytime, anywhere, with your smartphone. With a fast-opening speed, Syncro makes getting in and our of your garage a breeze. This top of the range model includes enhanced safety features and is backed by a 7-year warranty.

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Automatic Technology Tempo Ats 2 Opener 03

Comfortable, safe and secure

With today's technology you can expect more from garage door automation. Tempo features a fast-opening speed, smooth up and down door operation, and a bright LED light for convenience.

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Designed to make garage door automation easy.

The Automatic Technology ATS-1 combines affordable garage door control with the smooth and reliable operation that Automatic Technology has been know for over many years.

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Why automate with Automatic Technology?

Automating your sectional door with an Automatic Technology opener not only makes entering and exiting your home easier, but it also ensures the safety and security of your family and pets. With features like smartphone control you can monitor who comes and goes from your property from anywhere in the world.

What sets Automatic Technology sectional door openers apart?

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Saving you time

Automating your sectional door makes entering and exiting your home a breeze, saving you time and effort.

It’s never too late to automate


Sectional garage doors can easily be automated with an Automatic Technology opener, making entering and exiting your garage more convenient and enhancing the safety and security of your home.


Automatic Technology openers are compatible with all garage door brands, ensuring that you have the right opener for your specific needs. Adding a sectional door motor to your garage door makes it easier and safer to use, as it eliminates the need to manually lift the door, which can be difficult and potentially dangerous.


Automatic Technology sectional door openers are designed for reliability. All of our openers are extensively stress tested to ensure that they can quickly and quietly open and close your garage door for years to come.


Need some help?

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