Key Features

Safety Security

Superior Safety & Security

Auto-reverse functionality

For your peace of mind, Syncro features an auto-reverse function which forces the door to reverse if it encounters an obstacle. Syncro will also detect if an intruder is attempting to force the door up and will resist entry. 


Soft start & stop technology

The Syncro opener adopts a gradual acceleration and deceleration technique at the start and end of each cycle to minimize the pressure exerted on the door and the opener. This helps to extend the lifespan of the door and provides ongoing, noise-free, uninterrupted performance.


Strong, Fast & Quiet Motor

Fast, powerful motor

Syncro boasts a supercharged motor, making your garage door opening exceptionally fast yet quiet.


Suitable for installs with low headroom

For low headroom applications, the opener can be effortlessly mounted with as little as 57mm required between the ceiling and the highest point where the door travels.

Light Bulb

Clever Operating Modes

Auto-Closing Feature

Syncro’s Auto-Close feature can enhance the security of your home. With this feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that your garage door will close automatically upon entry or exit (safety beams required).


Vacation Mode

With Automatic Technology's Vacation Mode, you can lock out all garage door remotes except for the one master transmitter. This ensures that your garage door opener cannot be operated until you return safely from your trip with the master remote.


Smart Phone Capability

Smart Phone Control

Smart technology can save you time and effort. No need to hide or share keys with cleaners, guests or the delivery person, you can control and schedule access to your garage remotely from your smart phone. Syncro will even tell you if you left the garage door open, sending you a notification when the door is operated, so you know exactly when your children got home.


Service Reminder

Just like a car, your garage opener requires regular maintenance to uphold its functionality and warranty. Unlike your car, Automatic Technology openers offer an audio and visual warning when maintenance is needed, making it easier to stay on top of upkeep.


Recommended safety upgrades

Battery Backup

Battery Backup

In times of storms or power outages, having access to your garage can be crucial for the safety of your family. The last thing you want to worry about is getting locked out. Thankfully, with Battery Backup, you can depend on your garage door opener to function when you need it the most.

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Automatic Technology Wireless Safety Beams 01

Safety Beams

Automatic Technology’s wireless Safety Beams provide an added layer of protection. They detect when an object passes through and breaks the infrared beam, causing the door to stop and reverse its movement, thus preventing any potential damage or harm. And, installing them is simple.

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