Key Features

Safety Security

Superior Safety & Security

Intelligent safety system (ISS)

In the event that the door comes into contact with an obstacle while closing, the opener will immediately stop and reverse, minimising the risk of property damage or injury to anyone nearby.


Customised door profiling

Every door is unique and requires different amounts of force during each open and close cycle. The amount of power needed for your door is learned during setup and constantly re-profiled to help the intelligent safety system do its job.


Slim-Fit, Fast & Powerful Motor

Powerful and quiet DC motor

DC motors offer the same amount of power as traditional AC motors, but with less noise and vibration


Slim-Fit, Weather-Resistant Design

When side room is at a premium, Slim Fit is the perfect solution, needing as little as 40mm between the door curtain and the bracket's interior. The unit is also sealed (waterproof) for installations where the opener is exposed to the elements.

Light Bulb

Clever Operating Modes

Ventilation Mode

Set a maximum opening height for your door with ease, providing excellent ventilation options for warmer days.


Vacation Mode

Before leaving for your holiday, activate the Vacation Mode to limit access to your garage by allowing only one master remote to operate it. Vacation Mode means you can be sure that your home is protected until your return.


Keep Your Property Safe

Service Reminder

Regular servicing is essential to keep your garage opener running smoothly and maintain your warranty, just like your car. Unlike your car, Automatic Technology openers provide audio and visual reminders when they're due for servicing, showcasing their intelligence.


Secure Lockout System

The secure lockout system ensures your property is protected by preventing unauthorised manual operation of the door, with disengagement systems secured by keyed locks.

Recommended safety upgrades

Automatic Technology Kpx 7 Wireless Digital Keypad 02

Wireless Keypad

This smart weatherproof access device provides enhanced flexibility for entering your home, which means that you no longer have to take your keys with you when you go out. Its unique TrioCode128 coding format ensures unparalleled security and continuous operation, and its backlit display makes it ideal for use in dark or nighttime settings.

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Ata Gate Solar Panel 01

Smart Solar

Reduce your environmental impact and lower your electricity bills with Automatic Technology's Smart Solar system. By utilising solar power, your door can efficiently operate, requiring just one solar panel per opener. The system also features a backup battery system, ensuring your opener works reliably, even during inclement weather or at night.

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60631 GDO 8 Light Module Page 1

Light and Control Module

This weather-resistant hard-wired module is designed to make accessing your door easier and more convenient. It features a push button that enables you to operate your door with just a simple press. Additionally, it comes with LED lights that illuminate the area, making it easier to see and use even in low light conditions.

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Quick Operations Guide


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